Chef Maurín


Bok Choy

Québec bok choy comes on the markets in the early summer (beginning of July, usually), but it can be purchased locally from hydroponic farms year-round!

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Hi again farm-friendly foodies! We’re back with another edition of Maurín Traiteur’s Local and Seasonal Blog. Last time, we talked about the early spring delicacy,

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Automne Boulangerie

A boulanger that I really respect for his “going back to the roots” take and his practices with non industrialized small farm sourced flours.


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Patch Farm

This is a 5th generation farm ran by a woman with a big heart  in Knowlton, QC.

Everything is ecoresponsible and it runs like a

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La Ligne Verte

La ligne verte in Ville St Laurent is an organic urban farm. They are a project is to propose more green roofs and walls in

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The developer of a network of agricultures and artisans in proximity with simple tools that allows to connect with the professional architects without intermediaries.

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jarrod ward of mile end marketing


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quebec fiddlehead ferns with chef maurin


In this inaugural post in Maurín’s local and seasonal Montreal food blog, we talk about the ultimate early spring vegetable.

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Mondial de Cidres

As part of being on the board of the Women Chefs Association, we were invited to participate at this great event, where we had the

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Festival YUL Eats

I was invited to do a demo on local food and to represent women chefs.

I chose artichokes as they’re my favourite vegetable and I

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Caribou Magazine

I was invited to collaborate with Caribou Magazine for the “Future of food” edition, featuring edible insects and do a photo with artist Gabrielle Sykes.

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Food la Vie

I was invited to do a Facebook Live video for Food la vie as an expert culinaire. I asked Claude Girard a local insect farmer

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La Presse +

Always great to be mentioned in La Presse Plus for being at Marché des Possibles in the summer making street food with local ingredients

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Delicious insects!

Eve Dumas form La Presse wrote an article about where to get edible insects in Montréal, our stories and even has a recipe.

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Thinking of having an event or have questions about seasonal ingredients can be the centerpiece of your next event? Send us a message and we will get back to you with what’s in season and work with you to find your perfect menu.

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