quebec fiddlehead ferns with chef maurin
crab and fiddlehead ferns from chef maurin
Welcome to Maurin Cuisine’s new Local and Seasonal Blog. Each article will discuss a new ingredient coming out in the Montreal markets this week. For the inaugural article, we’ll be talking about fiddleheads, one of the first vegetables that make it to market in Montreal. It’s been a chilly spring, and May crops like asparagus and rhubarb were a week or so behind schedule, but fiddleheads came in on time! You can find them at the Jean-Talon market, a good fruiterie (check out Supermarché Mile End if you’re in the area) or, if you’re the adventurous type, you can go foraging for them yourself. Maurín visited her friend Laura, who owns a hobby farm in Sutton, this past weekend, and was able to go foraging for fiddleheads. Fiddleheads, for the uninitiated, are the fronds of young spring ferns. They must be harvested before they open (and turn into full-grown ferns), so they’re the perfect spring vegetable. They grow near the edge of rivers, swamps and the banks of streams that abound in the St-Lawrence River valley. If you’re into foraging, get out there quick! They can be served as a simple side vegetable, but Maurin uses them in a wide variety of dishes, from a savoury crab and fiddlehead crepe, to a fiddlehead vinaigrette.
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