Hi again farm-friendly foodies! We’re back with another edition of Maurín Traiteur’s Local and Seasonal Blog. We’re going to follow up our previous article on asparagus with another crunchy green delight, bok choy.

Known back in the day as “Chinese cabbage”, we now generally refer to bok choy by its Cantonese name, which translates literally to “small white vegetable”. While there was a time where the only place you could get bok choy was in Chinatown grocery stores, it is now widely available and increasingly used in Canadian kitchens. Even better news is that many Québec farms grow bok choy nowadays, as it is a winter-hardy crop that grows well in our climate. Québec bok choy comes on the markets in the early summer (beginning of July, usually), but it can be purchased locally from hydroponic farms year-round.

Bok Choy is a very versatile green. When cooked perfectly, it is tender and delicious, and can be served with almost any dish, as a side or as part of a main. Make sure to wash the leaves right down to the core, because the soil hides in the heart. This is a vegetable that cooks quickly, so pay careful attention, as it should not be overcooked. It can be sautéed with wine or beer or roasted with a light seasoning.

Next time you’re having a barbecue, cut some bok choy heads in half, toss them with salt, pepper and olive oil, and throw them on the grill with your favourite meats and veggies!

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